Fitness Classes for Seniors in Monroe, LA - Get Active and Healthy at the Center for the Elderly

Exercising is an essential part of staying healthy and active as you age. In West Monroe, LA, the Center for the Elderly offers a wide range of fitness programs and activities for seniors. These include chair exercises, dance classes, zumba classes, yoga, and Oxycise classes. Every year, more than 5,000 older people benefit from the services provided by the Center for the Elderly to help them age in a healthy way.

The Center for the Elderly provides safe and reliable transportation to destinations in Ouachita Parish with wheelchair accessible buses and vans. This makes it easy for seniors to get to and from their fitness classes. The Center also offers 26 different fitness programs that are designed to provide preventive medical examinations to older people. These programs help improve overall health, mental and social well-being, and reduce the need for medical and public health services. The Center for the Elderly is an excellent resource for seniors in Monroe, LA who are looking for fitness classes.

With 26 different programs available, there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking for chair exercises, dance classes, zumba classes, yoga, or Oxycise classes, you can find it at the Center. Plus, with wheelchair accessible transportation available, getting to and from your fitness class is easy. If you're a senior in Monroe, LA looking to get active and stay healthy, the Center for the Elderly is a great place to start. With 26 different programs available and wheelchair accessible transportation, you can find the perfect fitness class for you.

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